Band on a Tram

In 2015 The Merseyside Tram Preservation Society had restored tram 245 and to assist in it's launch we provided a fanfare as it left the tram shed and then played a selection of marches on top of a tram as it traveled from the shed to Birkenhead's Woodside Ferry. If you click on the Band On A Tram image you can see and hear us playing the fanfare as the tram left the shed and then get a pedestrians ear view of us playing while the tram passes by.

It was great fun, the BTPS people made us most welcome, and, for once that year, the sun shone while we played..

The video was created from work by David Hennessey and Monopodman.  You can see their full videos on Youtube by clicking on their names.

Below are a few images of the band, just click on them to see a zoomed out image.

It isn't like this at the Albert Hall

Hard seats, a lot of shake rattle and roll but sounding good.

What are We Playing Next?

Jenni and Claire wonder what's going to happen next.

The Band Again

Another march and a close up of Steve's embouchure.

The Heavy Section

Euph and Bass bring up the back end of the tram.

The Trials of a Conductor

While the rest of us at least had seats Eddie had to try and hold the whole thing together whilst hanging onto the doorway.

Another view of the band

This gives you a good view of the tram and, if you zoom in, you can see the band ready to go on the top deck of the tram.

Have We Arrived?

A short break at Woodside Ferry in Birkenhead. This is directly opposite the famous Liverpool Pier Head for those not familiar with Merseyside landmarks.